A vicious circle is a hard one to break out of.

When talking to a host of youngsters, we realised that to get drug users to realise the downward spiral they were on it needed to be a hard-hitting message. We needed to bring the message out, in an impactful manner, that would prevent youth from getting into the habit of drug use and would also make users realise the unpleasant end that awaited them if they didn’t take charge of their lives immediately.
A simple insight about the psyche of drug use formed the premise of this story. The excuses the drug user gives oneself is one of the key aspects that keep the habit going. The film was woven around the story of a guy at different stages of life right from the time he experimented with drugs for the first time, till the time it became his kiss of death.


Executed in black and white with a surreal typographic touch given to each of the drugs, the film literally spelt out the excuses that every user would find relatable. It was set to a haunting track that brought out a stark sense of horror around what the drug user was doing and where this would end. A memorable message that advocated strong prevention and pushed the ailing to move towards the cure.

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