Title Sequence

Firing The Opening Shot.

FrameGame team was entrusted by Trigger Happy/ Applause Entertainment to give life to a series that goes deep into the chaotic landscape of Muzafarnagar through a suitable title sequence. The series is based on the true story of an attempt by law of the land to deal with the gangster feuds and quid pro quo killings that had turned the locality into an arena for all sorts of bloodsports.

A Story Of Bloodied Pride.

Bhaukaal is local UP slang that denotes pride; used in a way when a situation is anything but. The creators have used this as a critique of sorts that essentially conveys the idea that Muzaffarnagar could have been a place to rave and be proud about but in fact is the other way round. This sense of pride is what drives the warring factions to continue their gory tales without any notion of a cease-fire. The iron hand of the law is the only saving grace at the moment to attempt to restore the real pride of the land.

Painting The Town Red

The title montage of Bhaukaal is usually clocked to begin at 5-8 minutes after the story begins where the screen suddenly gets enveloped by a crimson tide and the frames shift one after the other in various shades of red. The whole landscape, including the factory chimneys that spit smoke all the while to the locomotive that speeds across this hinterland at odd hours to the very radio that enjoys prime position in the households and the entire skyline gets a tinge of red owing to the sheer frequency of a knife drawn here or a cartridge emptied there.

Every sequence was created as a combination of different composite images and 3D models without using any actual footage from the series. Right until the last frame where the fields are set ablaze unveiling the title.

Modeling Detail

Since all that we wanted to capture in the opening credits was not something that had been shot during the making of the show, we decided to create 3D models of the characters which could be used in some of the sequences. We planned on using some dramatic sequences showcasing the main protagonist of the show and created a detailed 3D model for the same along with additional characters from the police force.

Animation Detail

The detailed models created for multiple objects used in the sequence allowed us to simulate realistic animations that were used in the credits. Through a use of perfect lighting and textures these animated sequences had a hyper- realistic feel and were in keeping with the overall treatment of the opening titles.

Live Action Detail

To lend authenticity to some of the scenes, the team actual went out on the streets of Mumbai to get the kind of shots that were needed to tell the story perfectly. Since the show was set amongst sugarcane fields, using the sugarcane juicer fit perfectly in the sequnce. To keep it real, that was captured from our very own city - Mumbai!


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