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The Context

House of Hiranandani had acquired land at a prime location at Hebbal overlooking the Hebbal lake. The initial plans of the project had the entire community planned out beautifully to give all residents scenic views from their homes. They needed an AV that would be played at their site offices giving customers a feel of what this luxury of having stunning lake views, city views and internal views would be like, beside packing in some other project highlights as well.

The Concept

While evaluating how we wanted to tell the story, we zeroed in on looking at life through a really wide lens - after all one would be getting the best views in Hebbal. So we took that and made it wider - “Life panoramic”. That became the inspiration as a visual device to play out all the sequences of the film while delivering the information that the client wanted us to include.

The Craft

While the idea was “panoramic” we decided to keep the treatment really simple. Single coloured line illustrations executed in a simple 2D animation was how we went about executing the film. What added to the drama were the 4 sequences each rendered panoramically with little elements that moved along the frame allowing us to create a panoramic feel. All details packed in a visual manner but unravelled sequentially allowing the viewer to take everything in!



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