Title Sequence

The Context

A movie produced by Clean Slate Filmz around a road trip gone wrong. While the movie touched upon a number of aspects on how we are a country of “2 Indias”, the setting was the National Highway - 10, from which the film got its name as well - NH 10..

The Concept

The director Navdeep Singh was clear that the opening credits had to have a montage since that established the basic premise of the “2 Indias” that the film was going to cover. So all we had the leeway to play with was typography. Within the constraints of the brief, emerged the solution - the reflectors on vehicles as a strong visual device to bring the drama that NH10 would unveil to its viewers.

The Craft

A bold typeface which was treated in a manner to resemble the reflectors that one sees on vehicles on the highway. As light fell on the letters, they shone for a short reflective moment before fading back to darkness. Simple yet completely in tune with the concept of the film. A wonderfully designed soundtrack helped these opening titles set the mood of the film perfectly.



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