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We always think, we would do things differently, don’t we?

When we look back at our lives it is either with nostalgia or then sometimes, regret. While nostalgia is easy and leaves us feeling warm and fuzzy, it is in the areas of regret that we find ourselves looking back, telling ourselves that if we had known different, we would have done things differently. This series of films were about getting users to see that realization in a unique way since that was what SUPER Loans from Piramal Capital and Housing Finance was all about. As a product that offered the user higher eligibility based on their projected income, SUPER Loans allowed users to dream big. The customer segment included first time buyers, those looking for an upgrade and customers looking to transfer their loan. We figured moments in each of their lives, when if they got a chance to look back, they would have had the courage to dream big. Albeit, enabled by Super Loans.


All films were scripted to imagine what it would be like if one's future self from 15 years in the future were to look back at one critical moment, the advice that they would have given their younger self would have been to take that leap of faith. To dream big. “Bada Socho.” Films that explained the product in an easy to understand manner while also relating to the user at an emotional level.

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