Corporate AV

The Context

House of Hiranandani acquired land at Thaiyur in Chennai and needed to initiate conversations with potential investors. Since this was at a stage when the land deal had just been completed, nothing else with regards to the master plan or any other details of the community at large or the plans for the homes were in place. House of Hiranandani needed a video to pitch the location as an investment-worthy destination.

The Concept

With nothing else to talk about that House of Hiranandani had planned, how could we make it seem like the location itself was part of a plan? We came up with the idea of presenting Thaiyur as a location that was “planned to perfection” and demonstrated it in a manner that gave the viewer the feeling that it was all carefully put together by the House of Hiranandani. This also let us cover all the location highlights that needed to be explained even without the use of a map.

The Craft

While presenting the location we decided against the typical use of maps and went with a more representative info-graphic approach. From an execution perspective we wanted to use a mixed media treatment that would add some drama to our story. Painstakingly designed, individually crafted laser-cut wooden blocks and a simple tabletop shoot set things rolling for our film. With our shoot done, a beautiful overlay of graphics that gave it the House of Hiranandani touch through the use of brand colours and a peppy track made it seem like a destination that was truly “planned to perfection.”



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