Title Sequence

The Context

A crime-whodunnit-drama series

The Thought

A story about an upright judge whose life is turned on its head when the defendant of a high profile hit and run case brought before him happens to be his son. Do the scales of justice retain their moral balance or does blood prove to be thicker than water? Does the judge’s gavel fall on the block delivering a fair judgement or does it smash justice itself? That was what drove how we fashioned the opening credits of this gripping show.

The Craft

Lady Justice was the centre piece of this sequence. Moments that built up the drama around the scales, the sword, the blindfold and the gavel culminated in a smashing climax. One that revealed the title of the show in a manner that was memorable and befitting the name of the show. Truly, false honor!

3D Modeling

Rendering the Remington Typewriter in 3D was an elaborate process. Creating a model for an instrument that did not exist in the form that we were visualising it in came with it’s own sets of challenges. For one, there was no visual reference. But that’s what made the process exciting. It wasn’t us just creating a 3D model. It was akin to building a new type of typewriter altogether.


Conceptually to bridge the gap from instrument to ghostly spirit, we envisioned using a flash of live action at the end. It involved a 4K shoot of an eye just to bring the authenticity and drama to that last blink-and-you-miss-it frame of the sequence. However, the director envisioned a different ending and this bit, exciting as it was, did not make it to the final cut.

3D Breakdown

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